Multi disciplanary imaging team meeting


I have just had results of lumbar puncture which sho protein bands, evoked potential tests also show problem with right eye snd i have large lesion on spinal cord.

A letter i received from neurologist ssid thst my case was going to a multidisciplinary imaging team meeting? I cant find anything like this on google.

I am expecting a confirmed diagnosis given all my test results, but would love to hear from anyone wjo has heard of this multi discipline meeting.



Basically they are just getting the experts together to look over your results to make sure they are interpreted correctly, and not missing anything. For example lesions can be caused by a number of different conditions and subtle patterns that a very experienced eye may pick out could point to a specific diagnosis, but be missed by less experienced person. A young or general neurologist will have less experience than say a long experienced MS specialist, if looking for MS specific features, and a general radiologist may spot other things that a neurologist might overlook. It is fairly standard procedure, and also probably part of in-house training for junior doctors / registrars etc.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

Hopefully i will hear from them soon, i am guessing these meetings happen either weekly or monthly.