Can someone explain what this is and what the scores mean. I have just found an old letter from my MS Nurse saying what my score was at the time…I missed that entirely! Thanks in anticipation Jan x

Ok I’m awake now! Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale…how do they rate you and what is the score range? This was a couple of years ago, I have never done any tests and apart from walking from the waiting room to the consulting room with my MS nurse she has not witnessed me walking. Does anyone know the criteria for scoring I’ve googled it and it’s all gobblydegook to me. Jan x

hi jan

i have always done a times walk when i see my consultant.

in my case it is to monitor how i’m doing on copaxone.

no idea how the scoring works but it is compared against the previous one.

carole x

Thanks you for responding. As far as I know this is the only score I’ve had, I must pay more attention and ask more questions! What do you mean when you say “a times walk”? Jan

I had recent tests and my score was 5.5 - not qualified as disabled, but lost my job, as not fit for work. Diagnosed in 1996 but had Ms for at least 10 years before. Currently on no medication, and no income support.

I’ve just found this Anon is this the test you did? Sorry about all the questions I should be ashamed of how little I know! Jan

[PDF]Twelve Item MS Walking Scale (MSWS-12) - Sailing Sclerosis Twelve Item MS Walking Scale (MSWS-12). Record form. To be completed by the healthcare professional. Total score out of 60. Percentage. %. Subject ID … Sorry that’s the best I can do…