?MSS envelopes for ink cartridges - 2loula

Hi, I have emailed the MSS twice over the last 3 months to request some envelopes to donate used ink cartridges- to no avail, none have been sent to me… I know they still have them as I filled & returned the one that came with my MS matters magazine (I also filled in the section to have more envelopes) Can anyone shed any light as I am running out of room cartridges are taking over my petite bungalow??? :? take care, lou x

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My enolopes arrived this morning! Will get stuffing very soon! Strudders

First, you need to find out if your printer is a type that needs “chipped” cartridges.

Many of the later models of printer have this feature. The chip built into each cartridge cartridges counts the number of times the cartridge has been used to print a page, and shuts down at a preset limit.

  • Refilling will not work unless the chip can be reset.
  • A new cartridge has to have a chip reading zero in order to start printing.

Some of the refillers have manage to reset old chips, and will sell you cartridges that will work - but you have to search for them by your make and model of printer.

One good place for references as to good “alternative” ink suppliers is your local camera club. There will be someone there who has tried out a whole lot of suppliers for a particular make.