MSRC Launch Gilenya User Diaries.

Following on from the success of our Tysabri User Diaries in providing personal experiences of MSers on a drug, MSRC have today launched a new facility for those taking, or thinking of taking Gilenya, the first approved oral MS medication.

Kim has become our first diarist and you can read her page at via the link on the MSRC Home Page.

If you are taking Gilenya, or are contemplating using it, and would like to join the Gilenya Users panel please contact our webmaster at

Cheers Squiffy,

Appreciate the heads up.



Kim’s Gilenya update March 28, 2012

Kim has kindly sent in her first week’s updates.

You can read these at

New MSRC Gilenya Diarists

Mike and Liz have joined the MSRC Gilenya Diarist Panel.

You can read their first entries at &

Kim’s Gilenya update April 10th, 2012

Kim has updated her MSRC Gilenya Diary.

You can read Kim’s latest entry at

MSRC Gilenya Diary Update

Mike has sent in his first update to his Gilenya Dairy.

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MSRC Gilenya Diaries - New Diarist

Toots Mstruth has joined our panel of Gilenya Diarists.

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MSRC Gilenya Diary Update

Kim has sent in a new Gilenya Diary Update.

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