Hi, i am 16 and i am worried i have ms. I have to confess that i can say. I am definitely a hypochondriac.
Anyways i often get like a twitch like the ones you get from cold weather.
I am VERY easily exhausted but i only cycle 50 minutes a day so i barely exercise.
(Perfectly healthy weight)
I often forget things, i am on the autism spectrum and hyperactive. I took Ritalin for a good part of my life.
I also have tingles on my feet. But i also have Raynaud’s phenomenon.
But i think about neuropathy all the time too so it may just be that i am so worried about it.
I don’t know what to do.
My GP always always tells me to stop worrying. But i just can’t i don’t know what to do.


please stop stressing as that is the worse thing for anyone to do.

make a diary of your symptoms, keep it brief.

after 2 months go back to your gp with it.

have you got a family member who you can confide in?

mums are generally the one.

personally i think your gp should refer you to a specialist if only to stop you worrying.

carole x