Hi there, I’m about to turn 18 in 2 weeks and I’m a female. My weight is normal, my diet is pretty healthy.

I’ve been getting these twitches all around my body for 1.5 months now, on both sides, all over. I see no patterns with the twitching, but it happens hundreds of times a day and I really can’t ignore that. The twitching is where it all started for me. One day as I was doing makeup, I noticed my eye twitched. And again. Of course I thought nothing of it…but within 5 days everything had gone haywire. My eye was twitching hundreds of times a day, and eventually my whole body was twitching. My legs, my arms, my hand, my eye (although less often by far). It still hasn’t stopped over a month later.

It was like this for maybe 2 weeks, and I was still worried. My worrying had only gotten worse as other things came into play. During walking down stairs and bending…all of a sudden I was feeling the slightest shake. It was just enough for me to notice, but no one else could see it of course. It was like a weakness.

Whether this is relevant or not, I had had SOME type of vaginal infection for quite some time and I can’t seem to get rid of it. According to my doctor it’s bacterial vaginosis, which can be difficult to get rid of. Yesterday I had noticed my bladder was acting a bit funny too, I feel like I couldn’t completely “empty it” and it burned quite a bit. However today this is gone for whatever reason. I have been having issues with constipation and pelvis pain too, I was thought to have IBS.

I’ve been waking up with my left arm and hand numb multiple times during the night, but it does seem to go away after I get up and move it etc. Every single morning without fail I wake up with some limb that is very sore and it’s sore all day, almost like I fell asleep in the wrong position but I have been sleeping normal from what I know. When I was trying to carry a carton of orange juice my hand was also shaky too, but this has really decreased now for some reason and I have more strength. My eye sight is fine, I don’t notice anything off. Even though it’s basically stopped now, my hands had a couple days when they were very shaky, especially when I would move them a certain way, my fingers would go chaotic. The beginning of all of this was about 1.5 months ago and only very recently did I discover about MS so I was feeling this before I had any clue about MS, so I know I have not just been feeling it in my head.

Please someone help. It’s funny how when you’re young you think nothing can touch you or bring you down but I’ve never been scared like this before when it comes to my health.

Hi, the best thing would be to see your GP & tell him/her your symptoms & how worried you are. If you aren’t happy with what your GP says & want to take things further, you can ask to be referred to a Neurologist for a more detailed examination.

Your symptoms could be caused by any number of things, it may not be MS at all…but only a neuro could tell you this. You’re bound to be scared by all that’s happening to you, so make that appointment with your GP & take it from there…

Good luck

Rosina x

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Sorry to about all this - I agree with Rosina, you need to talk to a doctor about your concerns. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your GP too - even if you cry. Crying is a good way to let out tension. It may not be MS or anything serious at all, but whatever it is needs to be addressed, for your own health and happiness.

Do you have anyone in your family you can talk to aswell? Or a friend?

Try not to worry too much x

def. see you GP and possibly a Neuro and possibly a gynaecologist for the pelvis pain, and problems getting rid of BV incase it is not BV and something else. You don’t want to put off being seen for those issues, can lead to more problems if ignored. and yes infection can cause MS symptoms,( if that is what it is) to flair up and get worse. but an infection can also cause problems with all kinds of other diseases. BV can be treated pretty easily, and gotten rid of, the main problem is it coming back again which would really suck :confused: