Has anybody had a problem accepting their diagnosis of MS? I was diagnosed in 2016,when my baby boy had turned 1. Despite the diagnosis I always maintained that it wasn’t MS: it was a neurological condition brought about by pregnancy. For years whenever I said this to a neurologist they would ‘poo-poo’ it,but I never changed my thought.Then this year I saw a different MS nurse who said the words “yes,I’ve heard that before”. So I knew I was onto something. Sure, there are more people that have MS that haven’t been pregnant,but are there any mums out there who feel the same as me?


’Yes I’ve heard that before’, doesn’t mean it’s correct.

How would you account for all the men who get MS? And the many, many women who’ve not had children. Or are you saying that your MS is a different condition to the MS those men and women who’ve not given birth have?

I’m 100% certain that although people often present with MS initially after childbirth, and post pregnancy does seem to invoke a relapse, it is not the pregnancy itself that is the cause of MS.