MS web pals...

Jooly’s Joint is a great place for people with MS and they have a web pal’s page where you can meet others with MS.

Amazing to see a 78 year old woman who’s had MS for 60 years!

Here’s the link:

Pat x

Crumbs, I did not know that Jooly’s Joint was still going. It was a lifeline for me when I was in limbo and newly dx back in 1999.



Oh, more crumbs. 1995 for me. Where has it gone?


Snap I too went there back in 1996 met a lot of people I didn’t realise it was still going.

I didn’t know it was still going either 1995 for me too. I did have a web pal who I used to frequently write to, and her to me but we lost touch, might have a look see if she’s still there.

18 years and still going strong.

We had a big party in 2005 to celebrate 10 years and I daresay we’ll do something special to celebrate 20 years in 2015.

Some changes since your last visits, but on the whole I’m sure you’ll find it reassuringly familiar.

Best wishes,

Julie, Jooly’s Joint