MS Virtual Lecture TONIGHT

Anyone else had an invite to join the live MS virtual lecture tonight ?
There are talks being given on the new “Octopus Mega Trial” by Professor Jeremy Chataway, MS clinical lead at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, and Professor Max Parmar, Director of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL.

Theres an option to ask questions and get live answers.
Heres the link to join, but I think it’s a limited amount can join.

So, I guess no one else had the invite ?

I wish I could tell you how it went, but just like everything else in my life, my internet decided to go into meltdown 10 mins before the live event took place.

There is a catch up link to see the event which I’ll watch later tonight, if my internet behaves itself.
Apparently this Octopus Trial is very exciting ?