There was a post on here a couple of weeks ago - saying that PWMS do not get gout as their Uric Acid levels are low. Gout is a form of Arthritis [another auto-immune disease] and is very painful. Well, l have suffered with gout several times and had it again at the weekend. l do not drink alcohol - but l do eat lots of fish/game/shellfish and of course this time of year strawberries and raspberries. l googled Gout - and found that good old Apple Cider Vinegar is the answer - it turns alkaline and lowers the ph of your urine. Now l use ACV in cooking and for years have given it to the horses/dogs/hens - so now l am treating myself with it. Well,the pain went in about 30mins - miraculous - so l am going to make it a regular drink 3 times a day. After doing more research - on the web - into ACV - l find that a high vitamin b raises the uric acid level. Well, as we with ms are supposed to be so deficient - l have been taking a high strength supplement. So thereby hangs the tail [or tale] .

l shall still take a b12 supplement but only twice a week - and see how it goes. But a tablespoon of ACV -heaped teaspoon of runny honey and topped up with water - 3 times aday will help with all sorts of ailments especially kidney function and arthritis.

lts good on chips as well!!! -

It’s interesting my local nutritionist recommended it as a way of kick starting the metabolism and increasing appetite, I was struggling with a lack of it at the time. Amazing how the simplest of commodities can do so much to our health!