MS Twice in a week, Siponimod

So twice in the same week, MS and possible treatments hit the BBC headlines.

This one is a new one on me, more interesting to me as I am SPMS.

Anyone on it and care to comment? Good/Bad etc.


The Barts Blog have few more details. Multiple Sclerosis Research: The Phoenix has risen: the era of disease modification in progressive MS has truly arrived

If you read up on the MS site even if it gets a licence will not be avalable till 2023…wish they would announce on release.

It actually looks like a truly amazing drug. And will make a massive difference for the next generation of RR/SPers. I couldn’t care less that it won’t be available in time for me (that boat sailed a very long time ago), but it will help in years to come.

One of the most interesting points for me is that in the future, as more treatments for progressive MS are developed, neurologists won’t be tempted to keep people in the RR diagnosed group as they are now. More targeted therapies will make a big difference to ongoing progression, particularly with regard to cognitive deficits.