ms treatment before diagnosed

Another thing that has struck me. I am interested in Tysabri because that seems to be a pretty powerful drug. How does your source provide Tysabri? I don’t like needles so is it injected or is it supplied by him/her in tablets or another form (I know that in France they use suppossatories more than we do here but I am sure we would all try anything if we had to!)

People are making a lot of assumptions about where you are as this could be highly relevent to your ideas about all this.

Are you in the UK or elsewhere?

What about your “source”?

You carry on with your self medicating, as you wish Boborox, for an illness you may, or may not, have. Mess with your liver if you wish aside from from any other adverse reactions that may arise, but I really object with your blatant Illegal offering of supplying drugs to people on here, who are desperate for answers/help and may be vulnerable enough to succumb to your enticing.


Incontinence only as a new symptom - it’s a one time offer! :wink:

No, not feeling any better.

Hi, appreciate your comments.

However, it would be pretty silly to share not to say blunt “what/who the source is” having in mind the level of access . I wish everyone to have it especially those who truly need it, since everything s much easier and faster. I hate to see so much speculation about it especially when it comes to people helping people with no financial benefits ( i don’t mean myself in the case) but after all it again comes down to personality and what kind of person you chose to be.

…and yeah its UK reality. For good :slight_smile:

Hi boborox, sorry, didn’t say thank you for your offer, really haven’t been well, but genuinely, thank you for offering to help me.

The thing is that what I am desperate for most of all is an accurate diagnosis because I want the right treatment for whichever form it is. Because I haven’t been diagnosed yet, I also have to keep open the possibility that I may not develop ms, unlikely as that seems to me right now.

I have a complicated medical history with a lot of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment/denial of treatment in the past and am not predisposed to trust the medical profession, but the more I read the more I think that a diagnosis or absence of diagnosis of ms is an uncertain thing. Even if I get a diagnosis, it may not identify correctly which form it is, I’m going to have to learn to live with doubt and uncertainty and to some extent, go with the flow. I will read up and question everything as I go along, but as even my neurologist, with all his experience and training says, ‘there’s a lot we don’t understand about neurology’, so really, I am going to have to wait for their ‘best guess’.

I’ll still be the most awkward patient that any of them has ever encountered. Ever. :wink: