MS Team

I often see when reading articles about MS "contact your MS team for further help".  I am a carer for my husband with MS but apart from his GP and the nurses who visit to change his catheter there is no-one else who sees him - are they "the team"?

Hi mmck, I dont have an MS team either. Nurses also come to me to change my catheter.

I was discharged from the local hospital in 2017. PPMS doesnt seem to be seen much as we are too far gone I guess!


I have given this some thought and I perceive my MS team as being my neuro, MS nurse, Bladder nurse, all being overseen by my GP.

The importance of each element can vary depending on my needs at the time.

The members of this online community also count a my MS team. Where would I be without you?

I’d be lost and lonely!!

Bless you Carole.


bless you too Bouds

bless everyone on this forum