Ms symptoms

Hi i am new to all this i have had a mri scan which showed a large white mark on the front left lobe. I have other symptoms which found me in a&e last week hence the mri scan. Initially they thought I had a stroke as I was dragging my left foot when walking whilst me knees we touching ( hope that makes sence). Other problems were blurred vision left eye slurred speech with left side numbness. It’s been suggested that I have ms and my symptoms suggest a relapse. My question is can the neurologist diagnose ms from just an mri scan alone with they symptoms I have as the neurologist seemed certain it was ms. Has anyone else had a diagnosis where white patches were found on the front left lobe. Any help would be greatly appreciated xx

Hi Sem,

Sorry to say but yes; an MRI and your symptoms; history can give a Neurologist; the only person who can diagnose you; enough evidence.

The only other two tests are Visual Evoked Potentials, well we already know you have Optic Neuritis; see optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia and the last test is a Lumber Punch that just proves; and this can be wrong; that something is going on in your body; I think you already know that!

This is probably devastating news for you but believe me it is not. It’s not the end; it’s the beginning of a different life. Obey the restrictions MS can lay down and nothing has changed; you can still lead a good; meaningful life full of joy.

If the Neurologist has definitely diagnosed you by saying those 3 words ‘you have MS’ the only legal requirement is that you advise the DVLA. Not legal but sensible also your car insurance company as if you did not and made a claim; they might not pay up on the grounds you did not advise them of your diagnosis. Don’t worry they do not increase your premiums.

If you have a mortgage do you have ‘critical illness’ cover; is so claim.

Good luck


Yes. I was dxd almost two years ago. Presented to a&e by ambulance having right side paralysis, the third in three days. Mri showed two white plaques on top at front of brain. Apparently I’d had ms “for some time”.