MS symptoms without diagnosis

I have intermittent numbness in my lips, tongue and teeth. Left sided facial numbness with earache and random intermittent stabbing pain in face and groin. Chronic constipation, urinary frequency/urgency with increased leakage and difficulty emptying bladder. Increased fatigue especially getting going in the morning. New changes with memory processing, difficulty finding words and some minor memory problems. My MRI of brain showed periventricular white matter and neurologist wants to repeat in 6 months.


The waiting is hard, but at least they are monitoring you for any changes. The repeat MRI at six months seems an appropriate gap to wait - shorter than that and there’s the risk of no changes to inform the diagnosis, and while six months feels like a long time it is psychologically manageable. The good news would be to have no changes though at 6 months, though that could make a diagnosis still not possible. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it does not progress.

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