ms symptoms only 18 please respond

hello everyone i hope every one is happy and in good health my symptoms started around 5 months ago and haven’t stopped
dry skin in every finger tip and both palms
shooting head pain back of head scalp and teeth
muscle fasculations everywhere
Tinel sigh on both wrist and elbows
instant tingling when crossing legs
tightening skin sensation in feet when laying down and burning plus pinching sensation
erectile dysfunction
achy pain in both shoulders both wrist both ankles and testicle.
red eyes dry mouth cough mucus no fever
btw i have done no test except eye test showing no neuritis or uveitis said it was dry eye i done a blood test and a inflammatory blood test everything came clean
thank you

Hello Nino, welcome to the forum.

We’re a mixed bunch here, from teenagers to pensioners. What we have in common is that we all have, or suspect we could have, or live with someone who has, MS.

Firstly, I’d just like to make it clear, I’m a guy with MS - I am NOT a medic.

Now, that’s quite a list of symptoms you’ve got there, and several of them, in my experience, are not normally found in MS, and I don’t know what’s causing them.

Muscle fasciculations and altered sensation are quite common in many conditions, including MS, as indeed is ED - which no guy wants at any age, especially at 18! I sympathise and hope the docs can help you with that one.

I’ve never heard anyone with MS mention Tinel’s sign which I don’t think is an indicator (but I could be wrong).

You need to get back to your GP.

Take a tip from me; jot down your symptoms and anything else you want to tell him/her, don’t just trust it to memory or as sure as eggs is eggs you will remember something important five minutes after you’ve left the surgery. Be patient, they might want to run more tests, and these things can take time and sometimes be damn long winded (we all know that on this forum) but that’s just how it is, I’m afraid.

An MS diagnosis relies on excluding a ridiculously long list of other conditions, most of which I’d never even heard of.

As I say, I don’t know what’s causing your symptoms, but I hope things improve soon.

Best of luck,


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thank you does ms cause fasculations my gp said it doesnt and its more peripheral neuropathy and myokymia is more to be ms?


I apologise, it seems that fasciculations are NOT part of MS.
I also have a diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy so it must be that causing my fasciculations.

Things are never straightforward.

Maybe other forum members have something to add.


can i ask ben how do you feel with ms what do you feel is your tingling 247 or does it last 4 seconds then goes and are you strong and what are your symptoms i just want to know how it feels like from a person with it. sorry if it sounds weird and does ms affect life like holidays going to the football or rugby thank you.

Nino, everyone with MS has a different experience with the condition, some of us lead almost normal lives whilst others have many problems.

It’s common for MS to relapse-and-remit, so it’s not really possible to give a straight answer to your questions. However, I’m sure many of us do get to the rugby or other sports grounds when we want to.

I think you should be talking more to your GP, telling him/her why you fear you may have MS. If your GP is unhelpful then ask to see another, some are much easier to talk to than others. Is there a friend or family member you can discuss your fears with?

Try not to let your life stand still; go to the rubgy, college, work, nightclub or whatever it is you like to do.

And try not to worry.


alright sir thank you