MS specialist

hi guys
as you all know i saw the ms specilist on 1st july
he took loads of bloods on the day and said he would look over my old scans and case histoty
and would order more tests and scans if needed
i see him in four weeks and have not had any more tests or even heard from him
is it because he has enough info or what
any thoughts
regards bairdy

Hi, I know your username from the old site.

Think youll just have to wait till you see the neuro in a months time, then see what he has to say.

Do you recall me seeing a new neuro, back in Feb? This was the guy who was gonna sort my dx out once and for all.

Hubby and I were very impressed by his words and intentions?

Did it work? Did it hummer! Not heard from him since, despite chasing him.

Not gonna bother anymore…had enough of the crap!

Hope you get some decent news.

luv Pollx