MS Society Cymru/Wales' Firewalk- I did it! :0)

Last evening I took part in MS Society Cymru/Wales’ Swansea Firewalk

A totaly inspiring event walking over hot coals and proving that if you believe it, you can do it.

The two hour training session beforehand proved to me, that you can get your mind out of negative thoughts within minutes, and turn them into positive thoughts ( much like CBT therapy) to get us through our lives with MS

For once this is one MS Soc event I could not photo, however many have, so keep your face on Facebook and the MS Society’s Flickr groups. Here is just the one taken by my OH when I was presented with my certificate bu Anne Hodgson Chair of the MS Cymru Council…

Not only that , but a privilege to see young people taking part for mums and dads affected by MS.

Details in my profile, though it pales into insignifisance to the whole event

Eiona :0) x

Da Iawn Eiona!!!

weel done you, take care, Jean x

Thanks both

MS Society Cymru appears to have done really well from their group of Firewalkers. My own latest total is in my profile but overall to date with sponsorship still coming in they have raised in the region of £7,750

Eiona x

MS Society Cymru/Wales have today released YouTube footage of the event…!

Looking back on it is scarier than taking part and since then many who turned up to watch and support have queried as to how it can be done - was it hypnosis or some kind of jiggery pokery but I can assure all that it’s based purely on the science of thermodynamics and a short lesson on how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones within a matter of a minute or so.

A few ‘still’ shots in my sponsorship page…

Eiona :0) x