MS-SMART trial


I had the base line assessment for MS-SMART trial. Anyone here enrolled for this trial?. How is it going?

For the assessment I had 90 minute MRI scan. I have offered to do a lumbar puncture. Done two LPs before and went they OK. Bit apprehensive but spinal taps needed to test for micro filaments and thus test progression of MS. None the less I’m a bit apprehensive.

Look forward to finding out your feeligs to date.


Last time I had a L.P. I insisted on a powerful sedative. I had to argue 'til I was blue in face though. Went without a hitch. In fact I don’t remember it at all.


This LP guide on the Barts Blog is useful and it seems asking for the right needle is key.

Excuse my ignorance but what is the ms smart trial??

The details are here:

MS-SMART is a phase 2 clinical trial looking at disease progression in people with secondary progressive MS (SPMS). The study involves testing one of three different drugs (amiloride, riluzole and fluoxetine) against a placebo (dummy drug) to see if they can slow down the worsening of disability. As you are aware, this trial is important as there is currently no treatment for progression in MS.

Cheers whammel …great info


I know this happened a while ago. MRI scan OK but lasts 90 minutes.

I had to bottle out of the LP. Did not allow enough time between eating and the procedure I was nearly sick and felt very very faint. I also think that fundamentally I did not want to do an LP but felt a moral obligation to have one.


Hi Patrick

i don’t blame you in the slightest for bottling the LP. I’ve only ever had one, 19 years ago. And it remains top of my list of horrible procedures. It was awful, I still remember the feeling very well.

So don’t beat yourself up over it.