MS Smart trial still recuiting for SPMS

Just thought i’d mention this incase anyone is interested.

MS Smart Trial still recruiting for SPMS. Details on this Barts blog link.

Following Dr Chataway’s previous post on this blog, we wanted to inform you that recruitment is still ongoing for the MS-SMART trial and will end April 2016.

MS-SMART is a phase 2 clinical trial looking at disease progression in people with secondary progressive MS (SPMS). The study involves testing one of three different drugs (amiloride, riluzole and fluoxetine) against a placebo (dummy drug) to see if they can slow down the worsening of disability. As you are aware, this trial is important as there is currently no treatment for progression in MS.


My local centre took 2 years to send me a letter saying. Nope, you can’t join.

The worse thing is they didn’t give a reason apart from ‘you don’t meet the criteria.’ Would have been nice to have a bit more detail after 2 years waiting after applying. Didn’t even having a test, telephone call or ask me anything.

Never mind.