MS services in Manchester


what are your opinions about MS specialists/hospitals in Manchester?

many thanks xx


Couldn’t tell you, I’m under the Walton Centre Liverpool, & Sefton for O.T, physio etc, I have been very impressed with my treatment.


i go to salford royal to see my ms specialist.

the treatment is quite good but the hospital is huge and getting huger all the time so the appointments can be very tiring.

i also see a neurologist in my home town (bolton) and i love this because i can discuss anything with him whereas my specialist is focussed on the copaxone. i also see my ms nurse at this clinic.

do you live in manchester alex?

i cant recommend the ms therapy centre at trafford enough. well worth a visit.

carole x

thank you for your reply Carole.

I live in Liverpool, but because I’m not satisfied with services we have here, probaby I’ll try to get a second opinion somewhere else. Manchester is the closest and at MS Life I heard that there are a few MS centres there :slight_smile:

the attitude towards DMT is one of the things that interest me the most (are neuros there conservative or not).

Alex xx

hi alex

what do you mean by conservative re neuros?

i only have my own experience to go on but i was offered copaxone immediately after diagnosis.

all subsequent appointments are focussed on copaxone.

anyway you’ll have to suck it and see so good luck

carole x

By conservative I mean those who tell CIS patients or patients with a single attack but meeting the McDonald criteria (so dx) that they are not eligible for DMDs when in fact they are Alex x

oh! i would imagine dr rog would give a reasoned explanation even if he was saying no.

(dr rog is my ms specialist)

take it thats what was happening in liverpool??

carole x


I don’t want to get a second opinion just for the sake of it - I want it because I was wrongly told I wasn’t eligible. So nobody discussed it with me, I got no explanation etc.

imagine going to an event run by MS Society when from another ms specialist you hear that if he was my consultant, probably I would’ve been on treatment for several months, because the ABN guidelines allow patients like me to access DMT. the thing is that the decision should be made by the neurologist AND the patient. nobody has ever asked me about anything.

when things like that happen I can’t say I trust my neuro anymore.

Alex x

well go for it alex!

good luck

carole x

thank you Carole x