MS Secondary Conditions

There are secondary conditions that can be attributed to Multiple Sclerosis; you could have some or none of these extra conditions… But please do not be concerned that you will develop these, it is just worth knowing about them if nothing else.

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Hi amazon lady I have the noise sensitivity how annoying is that I also have tinnitus although I damaged hearing so they say I was given hearing aids back in August wich have helped the tinnitus greatly.

I also have had optic neuritis.

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Thanks AL I get the noise sensitivity thing but I’m hoping that’s enough for me! My medical history is extensive enough, I can’t be stingy, there’s so many other people to take a turn! Very interesting read (your blog, not my records).

Cath x

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very interesting to read about the noise sensitivity thing. When my symptoms first started and before my diagnosis I was at the ENT specialist 3 times because of the vertigo, Tinnitus and over sensitive hearing - if a door banged I would nearly jump out of my skin. The sensitive ear thing is a bit better now, even though I am constantly accusing my partner of ‘shouting’ if he raises his voice even a little, but unfortunately the Tinnitus has never stopped, not for a minute, and drives me crazy every day :frowning: