ms pain stress & divorce

Just feeling a bit sorry for myself why do my spasms in my legs start in the evening and keep me awake all night leaving me exhausted more so than normal . Im feeling very stressed which isnt helpling as i am going through a divorce and i could receive a letter any day off my husbands solicitor making me sell my house that i have remained in after him leaving but i can’t afford to pay the mortgage on my own. i have already received a letter from his solicitor saying they want me to go and see a doctor to prove i have ms and if i should possibly be made to go back to work even though it was a joint decision between me and my husband 3 years ago that i leave the job that i was in as it was making my ms a lot worse and he was sat in the specialist office with me 11 years ago when i was diagnosed plus he used to do my betaferon injections. I wish i would just wake up and it all have been a bad dream.

jenny x

You poor thing - lots of sympathy and hugs. Also, have you tried any medication for the spasms? Clonazepam made a huge difference to my life by letting me sleep through. I think they try you on Baclofen if Clonazepam doesn’t help.

I haven’t tried anything yet for my spasms as not a great fan of taking tablets but think i need to now as i’m only getting roughly 3 hours sleep a night and i feel like a zombie

jenny x

Hi, (((((BIG HUGS))))). It sounds like a really rough time. How on earth can they say you need to prove it when he was there. That just sounds spiteful. Surely he knows how this is going to affect you physically. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Sharon xx

Thanks sharon he will know how all this will be effecting me but he is just looking out for no 1.

jenny x

Hi Jenny,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time, it’s horrible the way we go at each other during breakups, but this does seem a bit below the belt.

All I can offer you is hugs

Take care of yourself and I hope you get a decent nights sleep


Magnesium can help ease spasm & cramp and worth trying before upgrading to the more serious drugs. Hopefully, it will enable you to get a good nights kip.

Hi Jenny My heart goes out to you as I’ve been there got the T-shirt & worn the hat, and it’s not particullary pleasant. I presume you have legal representation yourself? Are there children involved? It’s easier said than done but try not to get too worked up as we all know what the consequenses of that can be. Sending you (((((HUGS))))) & hoping you get a good nights sleep xx

Thanks everyone yes i have 2 boys that live with me but they are 2 adults there 22 & 18 but they are both unemployed ones just got his degree and the other just finished college they are receiving jobs seekers at the minute so we are surviving off that and my esa and dla just getting by.

jenny x