MS or nerve damage

Hi, I have numerous MS like symptoms and have my first neuro appointment in two weeks. However, I went to see a chiropractor and she did a few neuro tests on me and felt it was unlikely to be MS. My reflexes are good and my balance is good too. I’m now wondering, as I sit here with fizzing in my arms and legs and a twitching leg if it may all be down to nerve damage. It is always worse at night when lying down. Could this all be down to nerves and pressure on my neck from the pillow for example. I also tent to feel a bit shake in the morning too. Any thoughts good people?

sorry helmac

we can’t diagnose you because we aren’t neuros.

wait for the two weeks

meanwhile write a list of your symptoms saying when they started.

it will be helpful for the neuro and for you.

take someone with you who can prompt you if you dry up

they can also help you to remember what the neuro says.

it’s the type of situation where you may feel your words vanish before you say them.

write down every single weird symptom that you have had.

even if you think it is too random.

the neuro won’t think this because neuros deal with the random all the time.

just in case you get a definite diagnosis of ms it may be helpful if you research the DMDs (disease modifying drugs) because you may be offered one.

try to remain as calm as possible.

carole x


What Carole has said is absolutely right. We cannot diagnose MS because we are not neurologists. Nor could we say that you don’t have MS or any other neurological disorder, for the same reason. Neither can a chiropractor. They are not neurologists. And however much faith you have in your chiropractor, you can’t rely on their opinion.

If you have a neurologists appointment in two weeks, I should do what Carole has suggested, write some notes on what symptoms you’ve had and how long they’ve lasted. Prepare for the appointment with details of what’s happened to you.

Good luck with it.


Thank you Carole and Sue. I know no one can diagnose me on the forum. I didn’t word my message well. I’m just beginning to think that this can’t be ms as my symptoms are not that bad (not at the moment anyway). They have been bad and felt scarey at the time. I do have low vitamin B12 levels and my legs look like I’ve been battered I have so many bruises. Beginning to think this is down to B12 deficiency. Time will tell I guess. Thanks again


MS or nerve damage. I have severe stenosis which causes tingling, weak legs/arms eye twitches etc BUT I also have lesions on my brain. My nero said its my stenosis (because of no new lesions). I was hurting all over my body for two months or more, stabbing pain, dead heavy weight on limbs, tingling, walking like I’m drunk etc but by the time I saw the neurosurgeon (for stenosis) all my symptoms were gone so he said it was MS. Neurosurgeon said when stenosis is bad enough to be causing these bad symptoms they don’t go away and mine went away. I had a couple MRI’s over the past 5 years with no new lesions. Does this roll out MS? Has anyone heard of having MS with no new lesions after a couple flares? Lesions are there just not new ones. I have a Neurologist saying its Stenosis and Neurosurgeon saying its MS. First MRI was done 5 years ago because of bed wetting, confusion, falling…this is when we found the lesions.

Still trying to figure out which doc is correct.

That must be so frustrating. If only there was a definitive test for MS. I’d be interested to hear how you get on.