MS nurses

As I just posted in a previous post, i went to see the MS nurses at the start of May and everything went great! Towards the middle of the month i started feeling funny as in my legs went like jelly when i’d walk up the stairs and when i’d go shopping etc. I rang the nurses up and left a message (I knew they wouldnt ring me back) so off my own back i went to the Dr. She did a test on me and said yes i was mild relapsing. She prescribed me Prednisolone (I dont know if thats spelt right) but the next day she got through to my specialist and he put me on Medrone. The side effects from them are crazy but if they do the job i’ll put up with the side effects lol.

My point is, nearly 2 weeks later and the nurses STILL havent got back in touch. Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve never had faith in the nurses or my so called specialist!