MS Nurse and ESA

I’ve got an appointment with the MS nurse next week. I’m currently on IB but am expecting the transfer to ESA any time now.
My question is:

Would it be a good idea to give the MS nurse a typed list of my symptoms and how they affect me? I anticipate having to get medical evidence from her at some time in the future. I’m not trying to tell her what to put just to make sure that she has as full a picture as possible (Because how much do they bloody know when they see you for 5 minutes?)

Yes it could be used as evident, try yr doc to and when with nurse get dx copy from fie and anything else relevant also neuro dx. Some info it may help Mike

Oh ye I forgot keep a diary of cause/effect/help/drugs taken and a list of drugs from GP M

my nurse got all my hospital details and record of appointments from neuro

take as many records as possible prescriptions etc


Hi, just want to wish you good luck when the dreaded change over comes. I`ll be in that gang at some point too.

luv Pollx