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The BBC have published a story about Nev Cartwright, a DLA to PIP claimant who secretly recorded his PIP assessment on his mobile phone the day after seeing a documentary about how bad PIP medicals can be.

As a result of his assessment, Nev lost his Motability car. He appealed against the decision.

When he read the PIP assessors report he realised that there was vital information missing and crucial details, such as his peak flow reading, had been altered. The effect was to make Nev seem much more mobile than he actually was.

So Nev got his secret recording professionally transcribed and submitted it as part of his appeal. The DWP’s squeals of protest were ignored by the judge, the evidence from the secret recording was taken into account and Nev got his Motability car back.

The DWP are to decide which claimants will be exempt from repeat work capability assessments.

Only claimants in the support group will be considered.

In addition, claimants will have to have a condition that will last for the rest of their lives with no realistic prospect of recovery including by way of interventions such as transplants.

Also, their condition must always cause them to meet one of the support group descriptors.

However, this means the DWP are deliberately excluding claimants who are placed in the support group on the grounds that their mental health condition means that there would be a substantial risk to themselves or someone else if they were not placed there.

This is in spite of the fact that the DWP will be aware that these are some of the claimants whose health will be most put at risk by the stress of repeated reassessments.

This sounds disgusting, but then the the DWP have always had a moral bypass when it comes to dealing with the disabled. I had my PIP letter yesterday and after collecting some information, I called the number shown and got through to a balshy female who kept on waiting between questions to ask me the same things over & over again, as if she was trying to catch me out in some way. All the time, I had the feeling that I had been scrumping her dearly departed mother’s apples. Once I couldn’t come up with the answer as to what the 'phone number of our hospital is and that made her especially suspicious. Anyway, all I can do is wait and see. Moira

Well done Scudger.

A timely reminder for anyone who is still waiting for their PIP assessment (like me) to be very thorough with their preparation.


This is the full BBC report.

The TV programme is more general and includes a person with MS. Go in at 39 minutes.

my brother had a dispute with a work colleague which ended up in court. The ex-colleague had recorded one of their meetings and wanted to use the recording in evidence. However the judge refused to allow the recording as there some rules and regulations regarding the use of covertly made recordings.