ms meet up

Hiya Im a 26 year old male with rrms and have had it for over 5 years but diagnosed for about 4 years Currently on copaxone after starting on rebif Would love to meet people or chat to people and see how it affects each 1 of us Private message me for my number if you want to talk or even my email address Hope to hear from people soon Chris

where are you based? i’m in bolton, greater manchester.

it would be good to meet the people we chat to on this forum.

carole x

Hiya carole Im in chorley I have rrms but only relapses ive had are when ive been ill like having a cold or something and it wipes me out, more so these days aswell later on in the afternoons i get tired aswell Ye it would be great to meet people who have ms and see how it affects different people and everyday living X

Sorry Chris I live in Kent, a bit far away I’m afraid but I’m sure someone will meet with you.