MS Medication

Has anyone been on MS meds and been taken off it because it messes with other meds ? Also is their an alternative to the one on the market you can request ? My son has relasping remittance MS and suffers from extreme tiredness and hates it like am sure other suffers do

Depends what the meds are Aspiemum, I’ve had some removed because I take methotrexate, some may interact with others. If you can give us the names of the meds, I’m sure someone will have an answer or guidance.

hi aspiemum, this won’t be what you or your son want to hear but ms fatigue is the ghost at the banquet. medical fatigue is much more than tiredness. when you think of all the signals struggling to reach the different body parts, it becomes clear that people with ms have to work 100 times as hard to do simple things like getting dressed. what your son could do is speak to his occupational therapist (OT) for advice on fatigue management. if he doesn’t have an OT yet, ask his ms nurse to refer one to him. yes we all hate the fatigue. i find it the most disabling symptom of all. we have to plan our days, do things in bite sized chunks and then rest. for example: shower and dress - rest with a cuppa for 10 minutes. go to the shop and unpack the shopping - rest with a coffee and kindle for 20 mins. we also need to plan our week for example: busy day on monday and or a night out - leave the next day mostly free. it may be my advancing years and your son may be young, in which case he needn’t be so drastic. if he is finding his meds have side effects (which most do) causing tiredness, then he can discuss with his doctor or ms nurse about changing them. life with ms may be harder than without it but it is still life and it’s for living. wishing your son a happy life with relapses few and far between wishing you a worry free life. carole x