MS matter issue 120


i have only got round to reading this in full however i think it must be the best, most informative and humorous one to date!

*dealing with bladder bother-whilst trying to read this page i have laughed so much i need to go and change my pishy pad! fab article.

*a very modern moderator-what the article doesnt mention (along with lots of other things i am sure!) is that she used to make (virtual) brekkie on christmas day for anybody that had nobody else around to spend the day with. that small, apparently stupid act saved my sanity (and much more) on at least 2 occasions! thanks val!

*in the hot seat (pauline smith) wow! such a bloody darn marvellous lady!

*psychology and mantras. i have always believed that keeping my mind strong no matter what my body was doing is the key to coping with this ms malarkey. its easier said than done, thats for sure! but mind games of a positive nature help me through each day.

*moaning mike’s minstrations. another funny read! it shouldnt be-i should be horrified! but its all true! disabled friendly places are designed my able bodied folk i guess. sitting in a manual chair pretending you are disabled is nothing like being in a powerchair! and like mike, being cheerful is what keeps me going. one disabled loo that i use regularly-i can’t reach the loo roll cos its about 3 wheelchair widths from the loo! i have learnt to get the roll before i transfer to the toilet. where is this loo?! my local hospital!

*a view from the edge. in 10 years of living with ms i have never been in hospital. i probably should have been but i have a very supportive gp who treats me-not just my label. but this article covers exactly some of the things that that put me off admission.

well done mss for this mag!


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Thanks for the kind words Ellie. The Xmas breakfast was Liz and Eiona but I do look in on Xmas Day and see if anyone is not having a good day.

In case anyone new is wondering, Mods are around over the festive break, the boards don’t shut down so there’s someone here in case we’re needed.


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what a lovely thing to do Val,

xmas can be a very painful and lonely time for some.

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hiya val

i met one of them in edinburgh when i was more able! i had forgotten that!

am away down memory lane now for a wee wander (in my head!)


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I thought it was a particularly good edition too, Ellie.



hi alison

i am going to local group tomorrow and am taking the moaning mikes page with me to show them!