Ms liaison nurse

Hi, simple question, what is an ms liaison nurse? What purpose do they serve and are they actually “nurses”? I’m due to see the nurse next week and last time I saw her she was accompanied by the liaison nurse. I’m not a fan of the nurses, I’ve seen too many over the years, they invent symptoms I don’t have, they don’t say or do anything helpful although I accept this is probably because there is not much they can do. The liaison nurse didn’t know what zanaflex was, she struggled to do a blood test and in the end couldn’t manage it so I just wondered what a liaison nurse was. Thanks Cheryl:-)

Mmmm, never heard the term liaison nurse before. We have an MS nurse, as do most folk here.

mine helps sometimes if she can, but not at other times.

My idea of her role is something like this;

she can advise of various drugs used to help symptoms

she can refer to other bodies eg continence service

she can try to get appointments with a neuro

Other folk here may tell you of other things their MS nurse does.

I believe she will have been a regular nurse before becoming an MS nurse.

luv POllx