MS lesions on brain and neck, my experience :@)

As suspected I have MS, only semi confirmed yesterday lesions (small what ever that means) on my brain/neck where the white matter is. *** Episode started Nov 2018 and still active although better im 60% at this time. *** Symptoms: extream fatigue, brain fog, poor concentration, head pressure to the right, pressure behind eyes, dull ear pain, speech difficulty for 24 days sounded like I had my tongue pierced. Weak right arm and leg constant for about a week then random for a few hours on various days, during which my arm would just cease up so I couldn’t text or write my name, blurred vision (felt like right eye was the issue)difficulty reading small print,body too weak to move on some days. Pains in my arm where the veins are, shoulders achy and back , neck stiff and clicks. Unable to heat bare, so no more hot baths (heat made symptoms far worse and vision). Windy noise in both ears, electric shock sensation right eye brow. The constant syptoms were vision, heat, weakness and extream fatigue and awful head fog. Vision still off but much better im hoping by end of March it will be noraml.1 month off work and still unwell. The neurologist suggested this was my first episode and has asked for a further MRI with contrast and a lumbar puncture which I will have next week. I was clear that this was most certainly not my first time as on reflection I had some of the above symptoms April 2018 as below *** April 2018 ear problems and vertigo, suggested Labrynhitis at that time which I agree was the case in addition to a MS flare *** Symptoms: speech difficulty, weakness in arm and leg one side only as above but the GP was dismmisve stating it was part of the ear virus. Fatigue head fog and on certains unable to stand or walk. 2 months off work and a further 5 weeks of being unwell then back to normal. I hope the above helps with symptoms for those still trying to work out whether they have MS. For those who have MS I would like to say wow, no one will ever understand the struggle or the inner motivation that is needed to get by day to day! I consider the MS an additional item in my handbag that must always be there and sometimes it slips out making life really hard/unbearable. I make use of the good days and be kind to myself on the bad days, that being said it’s not always days sometimes it can be a few hours out of a day where worse symptoms are present. The brain fog, pressure and weakness and pains in arms are there everyday.

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The further MRI with contrast will provide the clinical data the neurologist perhaps needs to definitively diagnose MS. The lesions will be differentiated by age, they are able to work out that some lesions are older than others, thus showing dissemination in time, and when the lesions appear in different places, that shows dissemination in space. These are the things which have to be shown according to the McDonald Criteria for diagnosis of MS:

The LP will perhaps just add weight to the decision.

You seem to have adapted remarkably quickly (or cover up your inner fear and worry very well!). You are right of course, MS is extra weight to be carted around with you all the time. But hopefully your current relapse will as you expect, shortly be over and you’ll recover well. You may even have a good long while before another relapse comes along to beat you up some more.

Best of luck.


Awww thanks Ssssue, yes I’ve done my research too, funny enough way before the diagnosis. Being so unwell with all these symptoms made me certain that what MS was the causes so all the worry and tears happened Nov/Dec 2018. Fortunately my GP was on the ball and made sure she checked everything out. I accepted that MS was the likely cause, being told last week as such a relief because I can work with this knowing there is a reason. The worse part was being so unwell with no answer as to why! Im still unwell but im so stubborn i will push myself to get by and will pf course have no option but to adapt doesn’t mean I’m happy about it, no choice. Yes it’s awful but worse things can happen to me. No idea what’s in store for me so I will just take it day by day. As most will know, it’s hard going even more so when you look so normal to others. I received a letter today from a MS consultant specialist with an App for end of April so I assume the MRI will take place before then and lumbar puncture next week. Bumpy ride ahead given my only normal period for 2018 was mid June -Sept. Then Nov -present ongoing. Thanks again Sssue


thanks for your reply

i was quite lucky

that i was in hospital for 3 weeks

so all the tests and procedures was done in quick time