MS in Southampton?

I’m 34 and I was diagnosed with MS in February 2024 after a second attack, although having had no knowledge that a previous issue was an ‘attack’ or anything related to MS in 2019. It was a bit of a shock but I was diagnosed as very mild and no need for treatment due to the length of time between attacks. I left thinking ‘I’ll be fine!’.

I have since become more concerned though and am a little nervous about it all to be honest! I have plans for the future and it’s now starting to play on my mind that I don’t know what the future looks like time-wise. I have some potential new symptoms that I’m seeing an MS nurse about on 28th May, could be nothing but you never know…

I’m keen to see if there’s anyone else around the Southampton area to meet up and chat or get any advice from. I have good people around me but none with any knowledge of MS unfortunately. I’m still active and healthy, so understandably a lot of people also think of it as a potential ‘future issue’, as I did initially. Any help/advice welcome.

And thank you! :slight_smile: