MS hug

Hello all-

I have a question about the MS hug.

Is it caused by a spinal lesion? I have that tight banding sensation around my ankle and knee, not my torso. What does this mean? Does it mean the lesion is somewhere else? Is it common to have ‘banding’ sensations anywhere? What’s going on?

The MS hug is usually called that as it is around your torso.

Nobody here is going to be able to tell you accurately what lesions cause/relate to what symptoms - speak to your MS nurse or GP if you have concerns.

Sorry if that’s not the answer you’re looking for, we are fellow MS sufferers and somone may say they’ve had similar symptoms but they won’t be able to accurately tell you what lesions they relate to

Sonia x

Hi Anon

The hug is normal a spasm of the intercostals and occurs round you torso. Though I know a lot of people have complained of banding snesations in the legs or wrists - I think it probably is a spasm but just not the ‘hug’.