MS Hug Triggers and Treatments Question

Hi has anyone found what triggers their MS Hug as i thought it was driving the car then after a jolt on the bike i had it but today just sat in the chair typing has triggered both sides also what treatments do they give you for it please as i have taken pregabilin diazepam and codine and im still feeling it pretty sharp through those meds many thanks

respect sheep

hi sheep

i dont know what the triggers are but i have only had it twice.

the first time was soon after my dx and it only lasted an hour.

2nd time was early this year at the start of a relapse and it lasted nearly 2 weeks.

ms nurse told me to up my dose of gabapentin to the maximum but it made me bloat up like a preganant hippo

i have since switched to pregabalin which is much better.

as far as i know you just need to ride it out.

make yourself as comfortable as you can and goodluck

carole x

Hi Carole many thanks on the suggestion of me dad i have started to keep a symptom diary to hopefully weed out any patterns or at the very least to show the ms nurse or neuro so for now all dosed up relaxing and annoying the wife with my geetar :slight_smile: as always many thanks Carole

Sean x

Hi Sean

Sorry the hug is playing you up. I have had it constantly for the past few years. Some days are better than others but I find the heat triggers mine and so does stress and overdoing it.

Take it steady and I hope yours goes away quickly.

Shazzie x

Hi shazzie

Many thanks for sharing yep like you mine started a few years ago before i knew what it was and it was only the other day on here i found out what its called and how it works i never thought it was connected i just used to think ah ive sat awkward or driven too far without stretching etc at the moment im having it everyday usually starting about 2-3pm and lasting right through til i fall asleep approx midnight but i have noticed its more painful now than previous years and if i think back i do remember having the odd attack when i was in the wheelhouse of my fishing vessel so thats 2005 ish again i put it down to lifting too much or sitting awkward but no pattern as of yet but defo gonna mention it to my ms nurse on the 21st of this month all the best

Sean x

Yes, it’s a good idea to make a note of it Sean, for your nurse. I got my first ‘hug’ years ago that lasted for about 3wks. then gradually faded but never competely went. Each one after that came & faded within a couple of weeks but always left a residue behind…so there was a gradual buid up each time. Now I have it all the time, it’s not usually too bad but does flare up if I get too hot or stressed.

Hope you’re not suffering too long, try to take it easy & keep cool…bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel helps!

Rosina x