Ms hug trauma

So I’ve experienced an ms hug twice in my life. First time was in 2015 and then I had it happen again in 2022. It was a deeply traumatizing experience for me and I’ve been feeling a tightening around my abdomen lately and it’s scaring me making me worry it’s gonna happen again. It’s giving me deep anxiety because I can’t get my mind off the thought and I was just hoping to maybe find some comfort and peace of mind here.

Hi there,
Yes the MS hug feels quite uncomfortable, like wearing a really tight girdle I suppose, not that I’ve ever tried one on.

The feeling of being squeezed does wear off eventually, most of us MSers have experienced the bear hug at one time or another, you’re not alone there.

Deep breathing and relaxation exercises can help ease that tightening sensation and reduce anxiety about it happening again.

Hi Emckinlwy11, I can sympathise, thankfully I haven’t had one for about 3yrs, but the last one I did have felt like I was having a heart attack, it was so painful, I didn’t call an ambulance as I really felt it was the hug, but if happened again I would, just in case. I agree about trying to stay calm and deep breathe, I do mindfulness and found that this helped me calm down, I also drink camomile tea. You just sit yourself down and try to breathe deeply, think nice thoughts, maybe try camomile if you don’t already drink it, so something similar, just remember you are not on your own.

Take care