MS hug or Costo

Hi all, hope today is one of the better ones. Not sure why I cannot go to a new line on my post so please excuse. I am either getting symptoms of me hug or it could be costochondritis. I have been diagnosed for several years with fibromyalgia and was hospitalised at one time with costochondritis ( though at the time I and my GP thought it could be heart related pain ) Now I do not know which it is but either way I don’t think there is much can help. Already on Gabapentin, Amytriptiline and a mix of other drugs. I suspect this is a relapse as I am feeling extreme fatigue, worse than usual to the point making a drink leaves me shaking and nauseous. Not sure it is worth bothering doctor as I doubt more drugs could be offered and I certainly don’t want more but would love to feel human again.

tell your ms nurse about this

he/she may be able to suggest something to help

meanwhile get your self comfortable and rest a lot.

carole x

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