Has anyone experienced the ‘ms hug’ around the neck/throat?

I’ve been “singing” songs by The Stranglers and INXS ( New Sensation ), to keep myself calm.

When I mentioned it to the specialist nurse, it was met with little response.

I would appreciate hearing how others deal with it. How common is this symptom?


I have had this symptom for about a month and I know its really horrible.feels like some one has got their hand round your neck?

Also had massive fatigue with nurse advised getting a blood test and results where that my thyroid stimulating hormone is very low.came off tysabri just over 4 months ago and I’m guessing my Iovely immune system is attacking my thyroid altough neurologist said he has not heard of it before.I think they are hoping it’s temporary as all they said was to retest in 2 months.I hope so too as its been driving me crazy.

Have you been to g.p about it?may be worth a blood test in case something else going on.

Hope you feel better soon


Hi agraboy

I often have neck hug, such as now, and its horribly achy. You are not alone if that is of any assurance.

Take care, fluffyollie