ms home closures

I`ve just read about the closure of 2 of the MS respite centres. The one in York has been transferred to a new owner. No such luck for 2.

Very sad news for lots of people. Are there residents who actually live full time in these places? if so, where will they go?

luv Pollx

I think they are respite care centres, where people with MS that need carers can go for a short holiday, and also to give their carers a break. They are also useful for people who, whilst not needing full time carers, want to go on holiday somewhere that understands their needs and can appreciate some of the difficulties that people with MS face. As such, there are no people that live there full time.

However I do think it is sad that these places are being closed, and that the MS Society is wrong to do this. They argue that they will be able to help more people by giving out grants, but i think this is a false argument. To give more people a slice of the cake, each individual slice must be smaller (such that it is not big enough), or you need to get a bigger cake. (which will cost more to make)

This is the same argument that the Government is using in it changes to welfare benefits, and I heard Maria Miller (the minister for disabled people) explicitly say so on the radio this morning. So the MS Society is criticising the government for its changes to ESA and other benefits, and then using exactly the same arguments to justify the closure of the Respite Care centres.

A case of double standards, I think.

I agree Poll. Very sad.

I can’t manage ‘normal’ holidays anymore and the most I ever do is a couple of nights at seaside. A week or two in a lovely place with other MSers and staff who understand MS would be great. And I also really feel for people who are caring full-time for a person with MS and can never get a break themselves.

Terrible shame.

Pat x

Can I just throw in a few words here, in a rush? (Not that I’m going to be able to stop if you say “no”!)

The closure was authorised following a vote by members of the MS Society. At the time, most of those who voted for the closure would have been voting FOR investment in research, and may not have noticed that they were voting AGAINST keeping the homes open.

I’ve decided to make it my mission over the next few months, to bore everyone witless with the need to exercise their democratic right to vote, whenever this topic comes up,. If you (the reader) are a member of the MS Society, please be sure that you do vote whenever you’re given the opportunity. Yes, it’s a pain, but it can influence the future of care that’s given to our fellow PwMS - and this is one huge example.

Hopping off my soapbox now!

Lolli xx

Well said, Lolli

B x

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I’m with you Lolli. Apathy doesn’t help in any way. We have to know what is being proposed, including reading between the lines, and then vote as we feel right…not voting at all is not acceptable. If we want to be heard outside we have to start by shouting out inside.


Hi Poll

We did get a chance to vote on this and most PWMS decided that the MS Society was correct and we wanted new types of holidays and short breaks. Personally I voted against closures, as I know people who have enjoyed holidays in one of these homes and was worried about the closure. I believe the person in question has found other care home to go into which gives his wife a well earned break. So maybe I was wrong. I do hope no one suffers because of these closures.