Ms help

Hi I’ve been having symptoms for years starting 2014 consisting of ms hug lasting weeks at a time on off and I once had a headache with electric shocks down my neck when head moved forward. The hug happened once every 6 months approx. Was told it was anxiety each time. Recently my right foot goes completely numb and pins and needles in my legs. I then had a funny tingling in my arms and hands that go to sleep when I’m sleeping and it wakes me up constantly. 3 weeks ago diagnosed with labrynthitis and head ache over right eye, the headache and sharp pains continue. That’s progressed to full body sensations struggling to swallow at times, ms hug lasting 7 hours yesterday. I now have full body burning mainly my back and back of my legs with cramps in my right leg. It’s all mainly right side. Also have stomach spasms with the hug. I’ve been prescribed mirtazapine 3 days ago as was so depressed, hysterically out of the blue. However when I have no symptoms i feel fine and then they all appear again when my meds wear off and panic sets in. Is it weird my anti depressants relieve my symptoms? Anyways I’ve had bloods and they are all ok and then a ct and that came back fine and then an eye examination which was also ok and a neuro examination with no weakness in my side and vision fine. I’m awaiting a mri no date yet but these symptoms are getting more intense to the point I can’t feel my neck or swallow at times and this burning is all over my back and legs with severely cold hands. I’m not sure what I can do? Really scared that it is ms as I’m super active and heard ms in men is more severe. Can anyone help.