MS? GP not interested

Around 4 years ago, I was out and I got very blurry vision, lightheadedness and I’ve never been the same. I have these symptoms but my GP isn’t interested. Blurry vision and lightheadedness when standing but sometimes I can even get it in bed Sometimes can’t seem to walk in a straight line and stumble to the left Sometimes words come out completely wrong or in the wrong order Pins and needles across shoulder blades and down my left arm Sometimes get cramp and spasms just below my chest Back pain Hands and feet very painful when cold (sore even cutting chicken from the fridge) Always so tired and not even a little bit I also have conductive hearing loss (still waiting on ent to find out why) It’s really getting me down and gp just dismisses it all. Does this sound like MS or am I jumping to conclusions?

Has the GP undertaken blood tests?

Unless signs and symptoms of something are very obvious, a GP will always work to identify or rule out the most common and less serious possible explanations.

For example, you could have iron deficiency anaemia or something else easily treatable that can cause a wide range of sensory and constitutional symptoms.

How is the communication between you and the GP?

Do you feel able to advocate for yourself and say (politely) that you don’t feel taken seriously and that you’re living with a collection of very concerning symptoms which aren’t going away.


You might be jumping to conclusions. It may not be MS. But your GP should be taking seriously the fact that you have some real concerns that should be investigated.

If you can’t get that doctor to take your symptoms on board and look at getting some answers, is there another GP?

I suggest that you write a brief history of what has happened to you and when. A sort of timeline. Take that with you to the GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist or whatever specialist the GP thinks most reasonable.

Good luck.