MS, Fibromyalgia, or Somthing else?

I have many symptoms, pain, and craziness with me. When I was a baby I had a severe care of Rickets ( Vitamin D deficence), so I have random pain from that, mostly with rain or cold weather. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Techcardia Syndrome) I have many problems from this syndrome and some depression, memory problems, and so much more! I have been to doctors numberous times for my chronic pain I have in my joints on rainy days, or cold weather. Some of it I can tell is residual pain from the Rickets, but the inflamed knees, stiffness, problems sleeping ect, is all weird. I do get sleeping problems from the POTS, but I think it’s more than I should be having. I have been tested for Lyme disease and Arthuritis, both came back negitive… and ive been tested over 10 times for both. About a year ago, I noticed extreme pain over my entire body, tiredness even with goodnight’s sleep, and towards end of the day I have problems thinking of the right word. Some of this could be from the POTS, but I feel that something else is going on. I have also recently noticed extreme nerve like pain in my wrist and elbow area, it’s sharp pain, very bad. I have done research on Fibro, but never have been clinically diagnosed with it. Most of my doctors think I may have it, but it’s hard to tell which symptoms are from the POTS or could be Fibro. Im also worried I may have MS instead of Fibro. I do have muscle weekness and lots of feeling stiff and sore. Please ask me questions about what possible sympomts I have and what this could be, I am only 19 Years old and it’s really starting to affect my work and home life. I don’t want to lose my job, nor be in so much pain!

Hi Parischick

Aww, bless you, you have more than your fair share of aches and pains. Tbh, I think all you can do is go back to your GP and tell him which symptoms are causing you the most worry right now especially the new ones which you don’t think are caused by your existing conditions and ask to be referred for investigation.

It is true that some of these symptoms can be caused by Fibromyalgia or MS but they can also be caused by many other conditions, including something as simple as vitamin deficiencies. It is impossible for us to tell you what is causing you memory problems and pain - only a health professional can do that.

In the meantime, try not to worry and try to get some rest. The best thing for a good night’s sleep is to have a really good bedtime routine, no TV or computer in the bedroom, a relaxing bath, read a book, listen to relaxing music etc and hopefully that will all help.

Take care

Tracey x