Ms fatigue, depression or mess?

Been I’ll for over 6 months, been treated for depression aswell during this time. But so fed up with being I’ll and unable to function properly. Waiting for a spine and Brain MRI and to see eye specialist due to drooping eyelid, smaller left than right pupil, double vision and squint changing direction. Also in last few days been put on bête blockers to try and help with headaches, Gp asked about my energy levels said I had none, told me beta blockers would make it worse! I took them years ago and they helped with headaches and numb left arm, Neuro put me on them. Have not slept well for months, wake to go to the loo and can not get back off to sleep, used prescription and and herbal sleeping tabs, no caffeine, reducing liquid intake, nothing helps. Get up at 7 15am on a normal day, sort breakfast and see oldest off for school bus, stack dishwasher with breakfast pots, make packed lunch, put washer on. walk youngest to school. Come back have a sit down and herbal tea, put washing out and unload dishwasher.I am then wrecked. Sit about rest of day getting upset looking at all that needs doing. Make lunch if I can be bothered, collect youngest from school, make tea. No energy for anything else. In bed by 10pm. Have been going to an Aqua med class once a week, force myself to go. Everything seems like too much effort Any ideas?

I ment to put Meds! Eyes not working as they should!


Seems like you’re having a rough time at the moment. Fatigue can be a real problem, can’t it - just seems it robs us of the day.

You mentioned Aqua Med - I used to go to an Aqua-Aerobics class run by a Physio for folk with long-term health probs. I enjoyed it a lot as I love being in the water, but after a few weeks I was getting more and more tired.

I found that on coming home, my legs were more painful and I was sucked of all energy. In fact, I used to spend the rest of that day and part of the next just lying on the bed unable to do anything.

I eventually gave up the class as it took so much out of me that it was making everything worse. I do feel for you with the fatigue.

I hope your MRI scan appointments come through real soon as that will be a first step towards getting some answers. In the meantime, go easy on yourself and pace things during the course of the day.

Let us know how you get on

Bren x

Hi Apple Pad, made me tired just reading your post!

One thing struck me. You say you sit around looking at everything that needs doing and getting upset. That is stress. You are not sitting relaxing and getting some energy for when the kids come home, but you are sitting looking at everything and getting stressed out. It’s kind of a lose/lose situation.

Try and prioritise. As long as the kids are clean and fed and get to school that is the main thing. I suppose what I’m saying is lower your standards. So what if the place needs dusting and hoovering? So what if there’s toys lying around and clothes that need putting away? The housework police are NOT going to come and arrest you.

In the morning think about what absolutely HAS to be done… and leave the rest. Try to get a ‘doesn’t matter’ attitude to it.

It’s far more important that during the day you get some proper, guilt-free rest so you can cope with the kids and spend some time with them, playing, reading, helping with homework, whatever… that’s far more important than the place being in a mess.

And I hope you get the kids to help out a bit. Doesn’t hurt them to do a bit of dusting or unloading dishwasher… if fact they can enjoy it and makes them feel good (although I’m aware that sometimes that’s more work than doing it yourself!).

Really hope you get MRI soon and some answers… but in meantime remember, you cannot function properly because you are ill. Stop making yourself worse by punishing yourself. You are doing a great job. You don’t have to be Superwoman.

Pat x

Excellent advise Pat.

I am exactly the same with fatigue, but I am learning that when its that bad, its a relapse thats causing it ,and you are seriously better off doing as Pat says.

Tell the family at the moment you dont work properly so dont expect things to be as they usually are and they need to help more.

You will probably realise at a later stage that you are back to your ususal self and have done things you normally do without realising youve done them.

Its pointless trying to fight it.Do what you can and forget what you cant.

All the best and take care.


Thank you for all that. My boys are 10 and nearly 13 years old, so do help out, vacing up, brining in the washing, stacking the dishwasher etc. As I have suffered from depression before I try to know my limits and prioritise things. Food first then school and work clothes, every thing else has to fit in. Think the heat and not been able to see properly and headaches, have made it worse. Also thinking that if the beta blockers are going to slow my body down even more how am I going to cope? Only on 1 x 3 times Aday at mo, increase after 2 weeks. Had lots of stress last few years and does not seem to be easing much, seem to go from one thing to the other. Cancer,redundancy,stroke, mental health problems, death, teenage pregnancy, school problems, my family has had it all. And now maybe I have MS on top of it all! Will try and just take it a day at a time. Have started highlighting what I have done, instead of crossing stuff off lists, so I can look at it and say I have done this today. Got loads of lists, paper, diary and my phone, my memory is so bad.

Hi Apple Pad. You really have been put through the mill recently eh. Remind yourself of all your great achievements every day and give yourself a reward each day. Living by lists is good and I really dont know what I would do without a phone and post it notes! Be kind to yourself Apple Pad, and take it easy when you need to. Thinking of you xx

One of the best things I ever read was: ‘No one has on their headstone ‘I wish I’d done more housework!’’

It’s certainly made me relax a whole lot more about how much my messy house compares to my mum’s who devotes her life to cleaning an already clean house!!!

lol debc! loving that… I may adopt that phrase :smiley: xx