MS family link lower than previously thought

I know we all live in dread of our children or grandchildren etc getting this damned MS… so this new research has some heartening results: News & stories | MS Trust Pat xx :slight_smile:

Great news, isn’t it? Thanks Pat . Nina xx

I’m so worried about my daughter inheriting it, every time she gets a migraine or trips I worry, and then lately she started with visual problem, hopefully it’s nothing, it’s reassuring to know she’s probably just a normal teenager and not likely to get it. xx

Cath, I do exactly the same with my son and grandchildren…I’m sure it’s it’s quite normal…I spent a whole day in tears not so long ago because I’d convinced myself one of my grandsons had it! Nina x

Yes agree, normal I think. We are hyper aware of the symptoms. Someone just has to trip over once and I’m convinced they’ve got MS. Cath I’m sure your daughter will be ok. But only natural that you worry. Teenagers actually do trip up a lot… their bodies are growing so much they have to keep readjusting to them. Pat xx

Pat, that reminds me of when my son was a teenager…each time he had a new, slightly bigger pair of shoes he would spend at least a couple of weeks falling over his own feet…glad I didn’t know then what I know now!! Nina xx