MS doesn't have to be depressing

This is perhaps not news, but i thought it worth repeating that not all aspects of what blights us, remains beyond our control…

“This study demonstrates a strong clinically and statistically significant association between modifiable lifestyle factors and risk of depression… Diet, smoking, exercise, omega 3 supplementation, fish consumption, social support, vitamin D supplementation, BMI, alcohol intake, meditation and choice of medication are important modifiable factors in depression risk for people with MS.

It is important for clinicians and people with MS to be aware of the wide range of modifiable lifestyle factors that may reduce depression risk as part of a comprehensive secondary and tertiary preventive medical approach to managing MS.”

so cheer up :slight_smile:

And there I was thinking that you were going to explain how MS can be terrifically up-cheering, Paolo!

Alas, you were just passing on the pleasing but unsurprising idea that we can do things to mitigate the increased risk of depression that MS most certainly brings with it.

Ah well. No miracles today then.



I too thought yay some breaking positive news about MS! Doh! oh well, just a life of no sins or treats!! in Godly terms it should be very rewarding, how many religions around the world sacrifice things in their lives like no alcohol,not smoking, being as pure as possible. With no wheat, no red meat, no sugar no dairy and no alcohol and not really smoking i should almost be walking with my head in heaven im so pure!!


I’ve said this before on here, but soon after my diagnosis a neighbour of my late parents on learning of that diagnosis said to me,

“The good thing about MS is that you’ll never be depressed!”

when I asked where she got that from she told me she’d met lots of people with MS and they were all very cheerful!

It apparently didn’t cross her mind that there is such a thing “as putting a brave face on” , or just trying to stay upbeat, positive and stoical and keep your sanity, or for some people medication.


One note for those perhaps lacking attention to detail… the study noted that those who had low alcohol intake were at a higher risk of depression.

So bottoms up and i’ll have a double!

Ultimately, when contending with my incurable disease, i take comfort from knowing i DO have a modicum of control to the extent of possible symptoms through my own deliberate choices.

But if a miracle be sought after… this is as close as we currently can get:

sustained remission with 90% reduction of relapse and progression for over 36 months and counting.

I’ve been reading about how our thoughts and emotions effect our physiology. If we are constantly having depressing, stressed and anxious thoughts then this is wearing on the body. It’s important to give the mind and body a break from this wearing. That’s why things like reading a good book, watching comedy and laughing, exercise, sleep, meditation and doing things that we enjoy are so good for us. As they give us this break.