Ms diet

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with what to have to eat.

I have always eat things like fish and chips, Chinese, kfc and McDonald’s, so its really hard for me to eat salads and vegetables. Especially without mayonnaise, sauces and gravy. so I was wondering if anyone knew of any sauces that I could try

i have stopped eating chocolate and drinking coke and it’s made a big difference to the way I look and feel. It’s like my head feels clear and don’t have to close my left eye all the time so I can see clearly

And I’m trying to eat fish or chicken every day. The problem is I crave all the things that I’m not allowed to have. What makes it worse is that I’m completely house bound as am dizzy and unsteady on my feet and sometimes cannot move. It feels like my legs are so heavy and move in slow motion. And I have problems moving my hands so it’s difficult to prepare salads and vegetables.

If anyone could help me, I’d appreciate it so much.

thanks Paul

Good for you, making changes to your diet to improve your health.

People have their favourite approaches and tend to recommend something that suits them well. In that spirit, I would commend to you this lot.

They aren’t trying to sell anything, they just want to make people healthier, and they are mindful of the fact that the tired old ‘eat less fat’ advice we all hear so much of hasn’t done the population much good in recent decades. In a nutshell, they recommend cutting out junk - particularly nutrient-poor carbohydrates like sugar (as you have been doing) and flour, and also vegetable seed oils - and instead eating proper nutrient-packed food: fish, meat full fat dairy, fish, lots of green veg (sorry, but you’re stuck with them, I’m afraid…). It is a lovely way to eat and live because the food is delicious. I have been eating this way for a couple of years and feel really well on it. From what you said, I wondered whether it was an approach you might enjoy and benefit from too. They have advice for those specifically wishing to lose weight - that’s not for me, I’m eating to get stronger, not thinner - but there’s something to suit most people, and it is the opposite of those plans that involve expensive ingredients and complicated recipes. Oh, and you can enjoy mayonnaise made with olive oil to your heart’s content, as I have just done with a tin of salmon, a couple of eggs and some steamed broccoli. Very nice too, and it took less than 10 mins to prepare.