MS; diet and short burst rigorous exercise

Just reading this article on MS and vigorous short burst exercise (if you can do it)

Interesting and much more logical than no exercise.


I haven’t read it yet but I know that if I have to forego my usual exercise routines then my legs do start to feel much worse. I do belly-dance classes as well and I firmly believe my co-ordination would be much worse without it.

Use it or lose it folks!!! (those cheeks are just like mine after dancing hehe)

I’d love to be able to use it but alas MS is making me lose it! Teresa xx

Short bursts of vigorous should have a health warning attached. Andrew Marr (very thin, fit TV and radio presenter in his fifties) had a stroke after doing a very vigorous, short burst on a rowing machine.

Wouldn’t he have an underlying problem already? I think excercise is brilliant. I cycle and I am going try, I do say try to do the London to Bjrighton ride. I did it two years ago, was too ill last year. I think that doing exercise whilst in relapse is not a great thing though. I’m sure I have made things worse by doing that.

Fascinating post George. 1974 research and no one has mentioned it to me below. It took me 2 years to work out short bursts of Wifit worked best for me.

all the best,


It is very interesting and I am coming around to the idea that there is something in it. It does seem to me that when you have MS you are left to get on with it and find your own course. If there was some sort of programme devised to help people manage the symptoms then there could well be a better outcome longer term. The problem is there is no money unless there are drugs involved.