MS Decisions

Hi all

Was dx on Friday with RRMS. Neuro asked me to go away and have a think about DMDs.

The ms decisions website appears to have vanished off the face of the earth -

Does anyone know what happened to it? Tried googling to no avail. Or does anyone know of a good alternative?


PG xx

Think it’s been renamed to x

I assume that was a typo/unwanted auto-correct, Hugs, and you didn’t really mean mistrust?

If you meant the MStrust, that is indeed a very good website in its own right, but doesn’t own or run MSDecisions (or never used to!), and isn’t the new name for it.

As far as I can tell, the MSDecisions website is just down. As there are so many new drugs recently available, I wonder if they’re having to re-write the whole content, which previously only really covered the injectables?

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence, and gremlins have struck. I’d keep trying.



Thank you both. The MS Trust website is a good one, although I agree with Tina that it perhaps is not linked to the MS Decisions website.

Tina - you’re probably right. I imagine they have some updating to do!

The MS Trust website do a free publication on DMDs, so I have ordered a copy - hopefully this will be a good place to start!

PG xx

Yes did mean ms trust my fingers have a mind of there own x


I wasn’t absolutely sure if saying it had been renamed “the mistrust” was a satirical comment on how much faith you had in the website. :wink:



Try going on the MS trust website and clicking on msdecisions via the A-Z link, that should get you on to it

Sorry, I take it back…you can’t