MS crush

Morning all,

I have renamed the MS hug to MS crush because calling it a hug just doesn’t do it justice. Anyway over the weekend I had a couple of bouts of it and I’m trying to work out some good coping techniques to deal with it. Does anyone have any tips?

My latest endeavour is a few, simple, upper body exercises, whilst standing.

As you exercise your arms, your body moves around slightly, and your legs have to cope with balancing…

Errr… 2 birds; 1 stone…!!!


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I’m wheelchair bound and have limited use of my arms so I’m unable to have a go at this exercise, never the less it’s a good one and maybe useful for others who suffer The Crush

Sorry I have got no magic tip for the hug…but I am most definitely in agreement with you by changing it to ‘crush’ cos it certainly is horrible.

Hope it gets better quick.

Pam x

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Yes, I’m with Pam, crush is a more suitable term!

I have to make myself sit (or stand) tall and take deep breaths. My automatic reaction is to hunch up.

No foolproof answers tho, it’s a nightmare and always seem to creep up unexpected.

Sonia x

I agree with the new name too!

The only thing I have found is that I’m far, far, less likely to get them if I don’t wear a bra! I don’t think that makes them better but, for me, I definitely get less that way.

Hope if you try it that it helps.

Take Care,

Nina x

So I’ve got something else to look forward to…

Have you tried swimming, with some help…???


Thanks for all your replies. Yes it does creep up on you unexpectledly and yes going braless helps hugely. Oh well, I’m going to pursue new coping techniques and when or if I find something that works I will pass it on. Thanks for your replies and your approval of the new name. All the best Jane X