MS Champion

Does anyone have any information about training to become an ‘MS Champion’?

I am a care provider in the community and I would like to train up one of my team to become our ‘Champion’ in this area. I am finding it incredibly difficult to find this sort of training. I can find courses about MS, but not one that is more in-depth.

I want my ‘Champion’ to be the point of contact for my staff when they have queries and require more information.

I really hope someone can help…


Sorry I don’t but that’s an awful label to give anyone!


I think it’s a US thing rather than UK.

I don’t actually have a clue what an MS Champion might do / be.


You could try the MS Trust their October Club, has raised £500,000 for the MS Trust’s Advanced MS Champions project, which will bring urgently needed care and support to people living with the effects of advanced MS.

Good luck!


good luck with it louise,

sounds a really good idea.

carole x